English and Academic Preparation: Level 1 and Level 2; The High School program includes 17 core and 5 elective subjects.

English Language Learners
(Required 8th Standard/Grade)

ProgramEnglish as Second Language/English Language Learners
Level 1Basic English Grammar (Eight Part of Speech)
Level 2Four Skills (Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking)
Level 3Duolingo English Test: Entrance to Penn Foster High School
Entrance to College of Biblical Studies
Entrance to JECBC -Kairos University

High School Diploma (21.5 Credits)
JEC – Penn Foster High School

1Introduction to Personality Types0.512Written Communication1
2Digital Citizenship0.513Biology1
3Reading Skills114General Math II1
4Civics115World History1
5Basic English116Literature1
6General Math I117Elective1
7Fitness and Nutrition118Elective1
8American History119Elective1
9Practical English120Elective1
10Consumer Math121Elective1
11Earth Science122Elective1