English Language Learners
(Required 8th Standard/Grade)

ProgramEnglish as Second Language/English Language Learners
Level 1Basic English Grammar (Eight Part of Speech)
Level 2Four Skills (Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking)
Level 3Duolingo English Test: Entrance to Penn Foster High School
Entrance to College of Biblical Studies
Entrance to JECBC -Kairos University

High School Diploma (21.5 Credits)
JEC – Penn Foster High School

1Introduction to Personality Types0.512Written Communication1
2Digital Citizenship0.513Biology1
3Reading Skills114General Math II1
4Civics115World History1
5Basic English116Literature1
6General Math I117Elective1
7Fitness and Nutrition118Elective1
8American History119Elective1
9Practical English120Elective1
10Consumer Math121Elective1
11Earth Science122Elective1

Bachelor of Arts in Theology and Practice (120 Credits)

This major integrates foundational liberal arts studies with biblical studies and practical theology. Having established the integration of these perspectives, the students then concentrate upon advanced in-depth examination of the interaction of God and His people throughout the whole of scripture. This advanced Level I: BA in Bible and Theology degree required 128 Credits with GPA C (77%) or higher for graduation.

Liberal Arts

GED 100 English Grammar2
GED 101 English Composition2
GED 102 Basic Computer2
GED 103 Psychology2
GED 104 Sociology2
GED 105 Philosophy and Christian Ethics2
GED 106 Bible Study Methods & Rules of Interpretation2
GED 201 Hebrew I Or GED 202 Greek I2
GED 107 Health & Wellness2
Total Liberal Arts Requirement:18

Bible, History, Theology

BHT 200 Old Testament Survey3
BHT 201 New Testament Survey3
BHT 300 Church History Survey3
BIT 300 Introduction of Bible Translation3
BHT 400 Bible Doctrine Survey (Basic Christian Theology)3
BHT 401 Distinctives among Church Polity and Worship3
BC 400 Bible Content ExamExam
Total Bible, History, Theology Requirement:18

Applied Theology

APT 300 Foundations of Christian Educational Ministries3
APT 301 Mission: Evangelism, Church Planting &Church Growth3
APT 304 Spiritual Care: Pastoral Counseling (Emotional Care and Trauma Healing)3
MOL 101 Spiritual Formation (Making Discipleship and Mentorship)3
NBT 100 Neighborhood Transformation Survey3
MOL 100 Foundations of Servant Leadership3
FE 401 Internship/Holy LandField Internship
Applied Theology Requirement:18

Bible, Theology, and Practice

BTP 400 Acts: Keys to the Establishment and Expansion of the 1st Century Church3
KBI 400 Practicing Ethnohermeneutics3
BIT 301 Translation Methodology3
BIT 303 TranslationMethodology3
BTP 401 Understanding the Essentials Sound Doctrine3
KCT 420 Theological Hospitality3
BIT 302 Contemporary Issues in Bible Translation3
BIT 304 Field Methods3
BTP 402 Toward a Theology in Culture3
APT 305 Preaching (Bible Exposition and Homiletics)3
NBT 101 Healthy Families: Fathers, Mothers, Youth, and Aging Parents3
MOL 301 Development for Social Change3
Bible, Theology, and Practice Requirement:36

Kairos University

KCT 410 Contextual Project 13
KCT 400 Vocational Project 23
KCT 415 Contextual Project 23
KCT 430L Specialization and Personal Practice 13
KCT 440L Specialization and Corporate Practice 13
KCT 445L Specialization and Corporate Practice 23
KCT 300 Vocational Project 13
KCT 435L Specialization and Personal Practice 23
KCT 406 Small Group Engagement 13
KCT 407 Small Group Engagement 23
Kairos University Requirement:30

M.A in Applied Theology (Ministry) (48 Credits)

Seven MA Core Courses

MAT 500 Bible Study Methods & Interpreting the Word in Context3
MAT 501 Acts: Keys to the Establishment and Expansion of the 1st Century Church3
MAT 502 Pauline Epistles: Strategies for Establishing Churches3
MA 503 Covenants, Unity of Scripture and Biblical Worldview3
MAT 504 Understanding the Essentials of Sound Doctrine3
MAT 505 Toward a Theology in Culture doing theology in context3
MAT 506 Pathways to Constructing Theology in Civilization3
Total MA Core Courses Credits21

Applied Theology Concentration

MAT 507 Leaders and the Early Church3
MAT 508 Preaching, Teaching and Worship in the Early Church3
MAT 509 Shepherding, Counseling, and the Early Church3
510 Evangelism and the Early Church3
511 Ministry Priorities and Personal Management3
600 Practicum in North American Missions3
601 Practicum Ministry and Teaching Or Holyland Study Tour3
Total Applied Theology Concentration Credits21

Project Research

English Grammar Research and Design3
Project/Thesis English Composition Proposal and Writing3
Total Project Research Credits6