Kam Za Khai

Educational Attainment: BS (Physics); M. Div

School Name: Dagon University (N/ Dagon, Myanmar), Evangelical Collage of Theology

(Manipur, India)

Life Experiences

I was born in 9 September 1988 at Mingaladon Township, Yangon. We are six siblings three male and three female, and I am the eldest. I get married in 2016. My wife name is called

Nang Do Cing. My father is a pastor/evangelist and my mother is very good tailor. Soon after I

was born we move to our parents’ village in Chin state, because my father wants to serve the

Lord as evangelist. After serving two or three years at there we had opportunity to move

Mizoram to look after a Church. We were back to our country after two years.

I started my pre-primary studied at No. 12 primary school Kalay Township in the

Sagaing Region. I have a lot of experiences of moving many places. And I studied standard 5

and 6 at No. 1 Middle school at Kalay Township. Even in the Kalay Township we move at list 3

different places. After that we move back to Mingaladon, in Yangon where I was born. I had

studied standard 7-8 at No. 1 High School Mingaladon. We transferred to North Dagon and I

completed my matriculation studied at No. 3 South Dagon.

I studied physics at Dagon University for 3 years and completed BSc. Then I went to

Churachandpur, Manipur in India to studied Bible. I studied for three and half years and get


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