JBC welcomes students from various denominations who desire to be trained in the areas of biblical knowledge, theological insights, multidisciplinary studies, spiritual growth, and ministerial education for ministries to serve their own people and others wherever they are located.

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Those who desire to enroll may obtain an application form by contacting the coordinator of their local campus or downloading the application form here or click the link below to apply online.

Study Aboard

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BA in Theology

This major integrates foundational liberal arts studies with biblical studies and practical theology. Having established the integration of these perspectives, the students then concentrate upon advanced in-depth examination of the interaction of God and His people throughout the whole of scripture.

BA in Ministry and Organizational Leadership

Given foundational liberal arts studies and a general overview of biblical literature, students in this major concentrate on practical ministry skills and strategies for organizational leadership based on biblical wisdom for best practices in the marketplace and Christian ministries.

MA in Theology

Master of Arts in Theology (MA in Theology) satisfies a variety of broad academic and vocational purposes. It can be suited to the pastor, layman or beginning academic as an entry level master’s degree in theology required 60 credits. It is 8 core classes, 10 essays (12- 15 pages, 12 Times New Roman fonts, double space), and 50-page thesis degree.