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Dear Partner in Ministry,

Greetings to you in the name of our risen Lord Jesus Christ! I am thrilled to have you come to experience at JBC for bridging your life from wherever you are welcome to an unlimited opportunity for life, spiritual formation, and happiness not only for your physical wellness and triumph but also for spiritual well beings of an individual life to glorify God and edify the church.

Judson Education Center aka Judson Bible College exists to equip the Saints (immigrants and refugees) from Myanmar who are resettling in Buffalo – Syracuse, NY; Ft Wayne-Indianapolis, IN; Wheaton – Chicago, IL, and Laurel, MD–DC area since 2008. There are (70) graduates who are serving Myanmar multiethnic churches all over the United States. Today, there are (52) who are enrolled at JBC for an increasing multiethnic ministry at Laurel, MD – DC, Buffalo, NY, Indiana, and Wheaton, IL respectively.

By the grace of God, Judson Bible College-Malaysia admitted (51) students: advanced level I: BA (43) plus level II: MA in Theology degree (8) for refugees in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia until United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) immigrated them to an accepting developed country in partnership with Kuala Lumpur International Friends Fellowship (KLLIF) and Malaysia Siyin Chin Christian Fellowship (MSCCF). Judson Bible College-Myanmar (JBCM) is initiated Certificate in Theological Studies (CTS) in partnership with Theological Education Department of Siyin Region Baptist Association (TED SRBA) to equip “Church Leaders and Missionaries” in Myanmar (will begin in 2020).

Prayer Concerns (Project 2025):

  • To have 100 students in USA, 100 students in Malaysia, and 100 students in Myanmar
  • To have Judson Education Center Building for Mission Resource Center to provide Cultural Orientation and Language Training, Church Consulting Services, and Judson Bible College.

Thanking you in anticipation for your sympathetic consideration to come and experience Judson Bible College as your educational choice for life and preparation for ministry of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and His Kingdom!

Serving Together for Christ,

Thuam Cin Khai



Judson Education Center (JEC) was formerly known as Burmese Bible School (BBS). BBS was founded under the umbrella of Mission for Christ in partnership with the Wesleyan Clergy Educational program (Central New York District of the Wesleyan Church) in Syracuse, NY with the aim of training and equipping the laity for church planting and leadership development in July 2008. BBS initially operated its centers as training centers from July 2008 to February 2013 and issued the students Certificate in Ministerial Studies of Completion upon their successful completion of their respective (Ministerial Preparation; Education and Clergy Development of the Wesleyan Church) courses.

When Dr. Thuam Cin Khai served as the principal of the school (March 1, 2009 – Present), Certificate level courses (for license minister) were upgraded to Diploma level courses by introducing carefully designed curriculum in order to meet the requirements of a Diploma (for ordination). BBS was renamed as Judson Education Center (JEC) aka Judson Bible College (JBC) on March 1, 2013. Thus, JEC became an independent religious and educational entity following its release and secession from the Wesleyan Church. JEC moved its central office from New York to Maryland.

Judson Bible College is named after the first American missionary to Burma, Adoniram Judson, who directly translated the Hebrew and Greek manuscripts of the Holy Bible into Burmese and completed English-Burmese-English Dictionary for the people of Myanmar.

JEC is committed to provide quality education to Myanmar immigrants in the United States and around the world through pedagogy: traditional, onsite, campus, innovate church-based education, andragogy: self-directed, blended, adult and continuing, distance onsite learning, synagogue, and competency-based programs. JEC is currently focused on multi-ethnic groups from Myanmar who have resettled in various states in the United States as refugees and asylum seekers. Long-term, our enrollees will not be limited to Myanmar immigrants as we incorporate other communities regardless of ethnicity. Currently JEC campuses are located in immigrant population centers in Maryland, New York, Indiana, and Illinois.

On 14 July 2019, after some discussion with JBC’s Founding President, Chief Executive Officer and Board, its representative, Dr. Thuam Cin Khai authorized the formation of Judson Bible College Malaysia to carry on the same spirit and vision of JBC USA. The founding leaders of JBCM are Michael Moey (Kuala Lumpur International Friends Fellowship, KLIFF) and Mung Khat (Malaysia Siyin Chin Christian Fellowship, MSCCF). JBCM is run by a Board of migrant workers, refugees and local evangelical Christians.

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